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Project  was created in collaboration with Taya Sharafutdinova

Photographs, objects, texts

Book, 140×180 mm, 84 pages

Before you  is a  newly discovered  archive showing the  correspondence between two people *. The correspondence was discovered on October 2, 2017 in the park zone of the city N. It was in a loosely  closed box under the second bench from the north entrance of the park. In the box were found: letters, photographs and objects - presumably, all of these things A and B had sent to each other. This correspondence would not have been noted by us if it had not been for one strangeness: in the letters of A and B it is asserted that they are not sure of their own existence. We are also not sure about this, nor can we say whether A and B were two people or one person. One can say for sure: A exists in the letters of B, B exists in the letters of A. Thus, A and B confirm their existence through each other. Sent material evidence, in our opinion, can also serve as evidence that A and B exist. Nevertheless, we cannot say for sure, and therefore we attach a detailed catalog of contents from the found box.

* - referenced to as A and B henceforth

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